Book Study Information

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Reading Schedule

Read by Week 1: 10/10 (in-person) or 10/14 (online)

Preface: What This Book is About

Foreword: Henri’s Way of Discernment by Robert A Jonas

Introduction: When There is Darkness, Light

Part I: What Is Discernment? 

  1. Embracing the Practice in Solitude and Community 

  2. Distinguishing Spirits of Truth and Falsehood 

Read by Week 2: 10/17 (in-person) or 10/21 (online)

Part II: Discerning Guidance in Books, Nature, People and Events

  1. Read the Way Forward 

  2. Read the Book of Nature 

  3. Pay Attention to People in Your Path

  4. Discern the Signs of the Times 

Read by Week 3: 10/24 (in-person) or 10/28 (online)

Part III: Discerning Vocation, Presence, Identity and Time 

  1. Test the Call: Discerning Vocation 

  2. Open Your Heart: Discerning Divine Presence

  3. Remember Who You Are: Discerning Identity

  4. Know the Time: When to Act, When to Wait, When to Be Led

Gina Semensi